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Applications of Waterjet machine:


Waterjet machine is widely used to cut metal, composite, marble, granite, ceramic tile, glass, cloth, food, and Low melting point and easy combustion material such as
paper, leather, rubber, nylon, wood, dynamite and so on.

1.       Metal: waterjet can cut thin or thick metal such as stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, etc.

Advantage: waterjet is cold cut equipment, no heat affected zone, good edge quality and small cutting gap (~ 1mm). Cutting thickness can be over 100 mm.
Waterjet can drill the starting hole without another drill.

  thick metal cutting

  thick metal cutting

2.       Composite material: Waterjet can cut composite (multiple layers) materials. 

Advantage: same setup for cutting different layers at the same time. No need to change tool, and


Composite material (two sheet metal layers with insulating foam in the middle)


3.       Marble, granite, ceramic tile and Mosaics:

Waterjet can precisely cut stone products to produce inlaid medallion designs for building decoration, and counter tops as well as tile and mosaic designs.


 Marble inlaid floor design                                              marble medallion.



               Granite counter top                                                            Mosaic fish design

4.       Glass: waterjet can easily piece and cut glass with good edge quality. The most beautiful part of waterjet is that waterjet is CNC controlled and it can quickly
setup and turn around a glass cut part. 

Advantage: arbitrary geometry cutting is one of the biggest advantages of the waterjet machine. It is very useful in cutting glass with holes and special design shapes.


 glass animal


  stained glass


5.       Rubber, nylon and other low melting point and easy combustion material:

Water jets are commonly used for custom gasket cutting, due to the machine is capable of fast setup and quick turn around. Waterjets cutting will not burn
the rubber due to cold cut and waterjets can easily and fast make arbitrate designs. Most time, it can cut rubber with water only.


Rubber products cut by waterjet

     Water jet cutting on nylon 


6Signage and art works

Signage and art works are often of small quality jobs, so waterjets are particularly useful due to its fast CNC setup and easy fixture.




Special door design and cut by waterjet



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