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    Waterjet Cutting Machine with 4 or 5 axis tilt

    5 axis waterjet


    5 axis waterjet


              Tilting head waterjet has two major features: first to remove taper when it is not desired. Second, sometimes, 3D slope on the edge is needed by design, the tilting head can help to achieve this.

         the main purpose to develop 4 axis machine is to remove taper at the cutting edge produced with 3 axis waterjet cutting machine. This 4 axis manually tilt the cutting head to offset the taper angle and the 4th axis (rotation around the Z axis) allows the tilting always pointing inner or outer side, depending on whether we need the hole or need the cut off part. We make the hardware to be capable of tilting +/-10 degrees. You will still make the dxf design, and import it to the 4axis Ncstudio software. The software will follow the dxf and rotate the 4 axis such at the tilting always points into the part or away from the part.
    part cut with 3 axis Waterjet Machine
    cut by standard 3 axis
    part cut with 4 axis Waterjet cutter
    edge tapering by 4 axis
              The above pictures show part with taper from conventional waterjet cutting on left and part on the right with no taper as a result of 4 axis waterjet cutting.
              Almost all conventional cutting methods, such as waterjet, laser, or plasma, has the characteristic edge effect of taper of 1 to 2 degrees. For most of the cutting needs, taper is undesired. 4 or 5 axis cutting machines can correct this problem. We can apply this technology to waterjet cutters and plasma cutters. 4 or 5 axis wagterjet, with the help of CNC control software, can tilt the cutting head dynamically against the taper to offset the unwanted slope. One point worth to mention here is that the tilt creats more slope on the scrape side of the work piece. Therefore if both side of the cut is needed, then the tilting is not a solution to reduce taper.
    5-axis(3D CNC five axis waterjet cutting machine)
              State of art technology 4 or 5 axis waterjet cutting machine can tilt cutting head to achieve sophisticated cutting results that conventional 3 axis water jet cutter can not achieve. Dynamic tilt head water jet has the following two major advantages: First to remove taper when it is not desired. Second, sometimes, slope on the edge is of design.
              3D cutting usually requires 5 axis controller and 5 axis cutting head assembly. There are often two types of 5 axis configuration, AB and AC. Most commonly, five axis waterjet is constructed by AC type. It is usually very difficult to program the 3D cutting by a person. It requires special CAM software to translate 3D drawing to machine language, G-code, for the CNC controller to excute.
    5 axis waterjet

    sample cut by 5 axis
    5 axis waterjet

    sample cut by 5 axis
    Tilting waterjet cutting applied towaterjet pipe cutting machine can make beveled cut at the end of pipe or cut opennings with beveled edges in the pipe wall to prepare for welding.