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Nanjing, China

We provide full featured waterjet CNC control software. The software serves as the user interface between the operator and the waterjet machine. The software can read dxf file and post to G-code. Below is the screen capture of the main window. This windoe shows a trace of the design to be cut and both Auto and Manual cutting modes.

waterjet software
The software is designed specifically for cnc waterjet cutting. It provides many useful features such as simulation, single step execution, block execution, simple nesting, and macro cutting wizard.

waterjet software
The above software windoe shows a pull down menu with rich operation selections.

waterjet software
The block cutting feature is particularly useful when the cutting is interrupted by some unexpected reasons, such as power outage, abrasive interruption, and nozzle clogging, etc. User can resume the from the G-code line where the cutting stopped and finish the cutting.

waterjet software
CNC macro cutting Wizard comes very handy when the user just want to cut simple geometry, such as rectangle, circle or just a cut off line. Just specify the dimensions in the pop up window and save it for the desired water jet cutting.

waterjet software
A very useful feature of the softwar is it provides detailed statistics of the cutting job, such as Geometry coordinates , cutting time needed, and cutting length. These information are helpful to estimate the cutting cost.
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